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Last update: 27 December 2008

Journal of the New Testament Society of South Africa
Tydskrif van die Nuwe-Testamentiese Werkgemeenskap van Suid-Afrika

The academic journal, Neotestamentica, is published under the auspices of the New Testament Society of South Africa / Nuwe-Testamentiese Werkgemeenskap van Suid-Afrika (NTSSA). This academic society was founded in 1965 to promote the study, research and teaching of the New Testament in South Africa. The Annual Congress of the NTSSA provides evidence of the high level of academic activity in the field in South Africa, and it is beginning to extend its activity into networking to promote the study of the New Testament throughout the continent. The NTSSA also sees the development of young academics, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, as an important part of its mission.

During the early years since its inauguration in 1967, Neotestamentica was used exclusively to publish papers presented at the annual conference of the NTSSA. Nowadays, however, Neotestamentica accepts submissions from New Testament scholars all over the world. Articles are published on all aspects of New Testament scholarship, ranging from historical to literary, and hermeneutical to methodological issues. In addition, the journal contains a regular book reviews section. At present, two numbers are published per year, with a total of 420-450 pages.

The lastest issue available online is 42.2 (2008).

Neotestamentica maintains a rigorous process of refereeing by two independent specialists. The editing is supervised by an Editorial Board of the society elected by the NTSSA and by an International Advisory Board. With a strong focus on South African scholarship, it publishes articles by local and international scholars in English (and occasionally German). Contributions from the rest of Africa are particularly welcomed. It also publishes reviews by South African scholars of the most important publications in the field of the New Testament.

For a number of years now, Neotestamentica has had a limited presence on the internet at a number of institutional sites, moving from the University of KwaZulu to the University of Stellenbosch and finally to the University of Natal. Now with its own domain name,, Neotestamentica has found a more permanent address on the web. Using a simple design, we offer:

  • the table of contents of present and recent issues;
  • abstracts of recent articles;
  • as well as sample essays and bookreviews in PDF format.

We hope that this website will be of service to the academic community, and that it will encourage viewers to consider subscription of the printed journal.